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Upgrading Configuration Manager to 1610

Okay, Configuration Manager 1610 has been released for some weeks now and only recently I have got the chance to upgrade my lab environment. Microsoft is rolling out the update progressively so you may not yet see it available in your console. If you don’t see it in your console and want to upgrade your ConfigMgr environment to 1610, you can actually force this upgrade to be available in your console by enabling the fast update ring for 1610. How you do it? Download a simple executable zip file from here and then run the PowerShell script after you’ve extracted it from the zip. https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/ConfigMgr-1610-Enable-046cc0e9



You may be asked to change your execution policy if you haven’t. Enter Y for Yes to proceed.



Next you will be asked to enter your Site Server. I won’t tell you what it is because you should already know if but if you don’t, can easily find out.



Next, you would want to force ConfigMgr to check for updates by right-clicking on Updates and Servicing, then selecting Check for updates.



Give it some time and then the 1610 update should appear in your console shortly.



To install ConfigMgr 1610, right-click on the update and then select Install Update Pack.



In the General screen, except the defaults and then click Next. Optionally you can select the checkbox to Ignore any prerequisites check warnings and install this update regardless of missing requirements.



In the Features screen, you can leave the defaults and click Next, or if you want to test out some pre-release features that come with the 1610 update you can go ahead and select them. You will be able to turn them on after the update is complete too.



In the Client Update Options screen, choose whether you want to first go through your validation process of the new version of the client or just go ahead and roll the new version out to your organization. You would normally want to validate it first on your pre-production computers. Click Next after that.



In the License Terms screen, you know what to do Smile, then click Next.



In the Summary screen, click Next.



And in the Completion screen, click Close.



You’ll realise that it is now installing. Give it some time for it to complete.




Treat this update just like any upgrade where you may want to first perform a /testdbupgrade on your ConfigMgr database first before you upgrade your production environment. Other precautions still applies like verifying your backups beforehand etc. You know the drill Smile.






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