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Setting Up An EMS Lab in ARM (Azure Resource Manager) Step-By-Step – Part 3

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Now that we have prepared our Azure IaaS environment, created virtual machines, and setup our domain environment, it is time to create our directory in the cloud, Azure Active Directory. So, first log on to https://manage.windowsazure.com. Yes, we still have to do this part of work in the classic portal. Browse and click on Active Directory on the left pane. There you’ll see all the other directories you may already have existing, or you might have none. Click on the +NEW button on the bottom left of the screen to add a new directory.



Here, go to App Services > Visual Studio Team Services > Directory > Custom Create.



Select Create new directory and then enter all the other necessary details; Name, Domain Name, Country/Region. Remember the Domain Name here must be globally unique. It runs a check to see if that name is still available. If not, you just have to pick another. Then click the CheckMark sign on the bottom right.



And now, you have your new Azure Active Directory. Let’s click into it and see what we have.



Click the Users tab. We want to create a primary administrator user instead of using the Microsoft account as the administrator.



At the Users tab, click the Add User button at the bottom of the screen.



Select New user in your organization and then enter a user name for this new admin account. I just called it “admin”. Then click the Right-Arrow at the bottom right.



Populate all the fields; First Name, Last Name, Display Name and Alternate Email Address. For the Role, select Global Admin. Then click the Right-Arrow at the bottom right.



This new account will be assigned a temporary password. Click create.



A temporary password is created. Note this down somewhere, you’ll need to log in for the first time. Click the CheckMark at the bottom right.



You now have a new Admin account.



Now let’s try to log in using that account. Browse to https://portal.office.com using the newly created account and the temporary password. Click Sign In. The reason I’m introducing the Office 365 portal is because there will be more work that will be done from this portal e.g EMS.


You will be asked to enter the current temporary password and a new password. Click Update password and sign in.



You’re logged in! To go to the Admin console, click on the Admin tile.



Now that you’ve got a directory set up, we’ll want to add a custom domain so that your users don’t have to log on using a user name with the onmicrosoft.com name. On the Office 365 portal, under Settings, click Domains.



This is where you can add a new custom domain for your directory. To do that, you’ll have to first purchase a domain name. That’s the next step to our setup.






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