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Automatically or Manually Update your Configuration Manager Agent/Client

So here’s an interesting finding. You know how Cumulative Update 1 of ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 or ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 has the ability to push out clients with the latest version including the cumulative update hotfix? Well there is one catch though that most people might have missed, including myself. For a person like me who does so many of this upgrades (either in the lab or at the customer’s environment), you may have realised that the setup page is slightly different depending on which environment you run in but can’t just quite able to put my finger on exactly what the difference is. I’m gonna relief you of trying to remember and tell you that it is exactly what I just mentioned above, the ability to install the latest version of the client during either a client push or an auto-upgrade, and is exactly like the below screen shots.


Right after you choose to upgrade the Site database, you click Next and you get this. Here you can choose either you want it to behave just like how it has been behaving (Manually apply) or you want it to go to the latest version Automatically apply


Once you come to the progress page you’ll also realise the additional Action of Configuring automatic client update.



At the end of the installation, you’ll notice an additional sub-folder in the path where you client is, called ClientUpdate.



And that’s where you’ll find the .msp file that you would normally execute.



So what triggers this different setup pages I was talking about? It is at the Automatic Client Upgrade tab of the Hierarchy Settings of your site.

Checked = You get the option to choose Automatically apply or Manually apply

Unchecked = You do not get that additional option to choose.






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