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Deploying or Upgrading System Center Configuration Manager Administrator Console

This is a fairly simple one to do. You may have to do this either because you’ve got a group of users that require access to the Configuration Manager Console where you do not want them to RDP to the Site Server or you’re upgrading the console as part of a service pack upgrade.

First off, get the installer files. And this is typically located at your ConfigMgr installation path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\tools\ConsoleSetup. I’d recommend that you make a copy of these files to a location where you normally put all your package source.

Next, create an Application. Use the Windows Installer type but we’re not actually going to kick off the .MSI. You’ll see what I mean later. THen click Next.



Click Next here.



Leave the defaults or change the name if you like, then click Next.



Click Next at the Summary page.



Click Close. You’re almost there.



Now, go back to your application Deployment Types tab and right-click on it. Select Properties.



Go to the Programs tab and change the Installation Program to execute the ConsoleSetup.exe instead of the .MSI file. Reason for this is the .EXE will bootstrap the .MSI file which may do a number of other things like checks before it runs and that’s why it is better to use the executable instead. Also it allows you to specify a couple of other things like your Site Server that you want the console to connect to instead of prompting the user during the first time he/she launches the console, install missing prereqs like ReportViewer or specifying the install location.

Uninstallation is also supported using the /uninstall switch. Replace the Site Server FQDN with your own Site Server Name. You can change the EnableSQM option to either 0 (disable) or 1 (enable) to toggle the experience feedback. Obviously you can also specify a different path where you want it to be installed as TargetDir.

Installation program:

ConsoleSetup.exe /q DefaultSiteServerName=<Site Server FQDN> EnableSQM=0 TargetDir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole"


Uninstall program:

ConsoleSetup.exe /uninstall /q



Now, in a console upgrade scenario, you would want ConfigMgr to deploy this out to computers that have the previous version of the console.

To create a collection for targeting this deployement go to: https://weikingteh.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/creating-a-collection-of-computers-with-old-configuration-manager-console-version/






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