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Hello Windows 10. Have your seen 9?

Good morning! Today is the day where Microsoft is set to release the preview of their latest operating system after Windows 8.x. As you would expect, Windows 9 is just around the corner…not. Hit by surprise as many would expect, Microsoft is releasing their latest operating system…Windows 10!

Yes, don’t that make you wonder where did 9 go? From a blog release from Microsoft we have been told that the next release of Windows is so big that it deserves a perfect 10. From my view this release is set not only to incrementally fix the shortcomings of Windows 8 but to rethink the way an OS is to run on a slew of different devices today.

So some things that we can expect from Windows 10:-

(images courtesy from Microsoft blog release)

1. Welcome back, Start Menu.

If you’ve been using Windows 8 and 8.1 (that includes Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2) you may have not experience the Start Menu (replaced with a Start screen) for some time now. It is back now, better and bigger…literally. The live tiles is not entirely gone though. You can still pin your favourite tiles to the Start Menu.


2. Windows, windows windows

The thing that made it more confusing for some users is the fact that there are 2 types of apps; a desktop app and a ‘metro’ app or I should call it modern UI app that runs full screen all the time optimized for touch on a tablet and touch devices. Now that too runs in a window. Now a modern UI app will run in a window complete with a top toolbar and the familiar 3 buttons to minimize, restore and close a window. The ability to pin it to the taskbar is still there, so that’s good.


3. Snapping a window is a snap

This is probably going to be my favourite. With larger resolution screens (mine on 3200 x 1800) we’ve got so much more screen estate that we can use. We used to be able to snap an open window to the left or right so that it resizes to take the left or right half of the screen. Now though, we can snap 4 app windows forming a quadrant for each app. Not only that, when an app is snapped, it suggests opened apps to be snapped in the available desktop space.


4. New button for task view

We’re all familiar with the Alt-Tab to switch between windows. Now there’s a new task view button when you hit it displays all the opened apps which you can select to bring it to the foreground or switch between desktops.


5. Hold on. Did I say switch desktops?

Yes I did. You can now have multiple desktops each for a different purpose perhaps. One for your personal stuffs and one where you put your recent work documents you’re working on.


For further reading follow the link below and there’s also a short video running through those features. Now if you’re like me and thinking how can I get my hands on this Technical Preview copy of Windows 10, currently there is a Windows Insider Program about to be open where you can sign up to be one of the first to test drive Windows 10 and hopefully provide feedback.

Where? Just go to http://preview.windows.com/. If you don’t see anywhere to sign up yet, wait a little longer as we’re all expecting it to be open really soon. Microsoft have been clear that this is a pre-release version and to expect it to be less refined as they are ironing out the rough edges.






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