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Uninstall/Remove Office 2013 with ConfigMgr 2012

Right, recently I’ve just posted on how to get ConfigMgr 2012 to deploy Office 2013. Now I want to show you how to uninstall Office 2013 using ConfigMgr 2012. You’re thinking, just use the /uninstall switch and that’s it but I’ll show you how to automate and silently remove Office 2013.

You’re almost correct to just put an /uninstall switch at the back of the setup.exe command line in ConfigMgr console. However to make it silent you need an .XML file. First open up Notepad or any text editing tool that you have and then enter the following text:-

<Configuration Product="ProPlusr">

<Display Level="basic" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" />



Note that you either use the ProPlus or ProPlusr depending on whether you’re using the VL media or the Non-VL media. You could also change the Display Level to “none” if you like it and the CompletionNotice to “no” if you wish. That’s totally up to you. Now, save the file as SilentUninstallConfig.xml into the proplus.ww folder or the proplusr.ww folder, again depending on the media you’re using.

The last thing to do is to change the Uninstall program command line to reference the .XML file that you’ve just created. To do this enter the following into the Uninstall program text box.

setup.exe /uninstall ProPlusr /config .\ProPlusr.WW\SilentUninstallConfig.xml


Again, remember your path and Product ID; it is either ProPlus or ProPlusr depending on the media you’re using. And that’s about it!






One response

  1. Matt

    Good guide well done, works well

    November 6, 2014 at 9:17 pm

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