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Cannot create Configuration Manager Collections based on Organizational Unit (OU) Name or OU is missing from the list

Ever tried to create a collection which maps to an Organizational Unit (OU) of your already well-organized Active Directory but soon to realize that you could not select an OU from the list when clicking on the Value button. It just gives you an empty list or missing the OU you’re looking for when you’re working on the User Resource – User OU Name.

You’ve got your Discovery Methods configured and seem to be working for others. Why am I missing the one I’m looking for? The answer may be that I’ve encountered is that if you’re trying to create a collection with OU Name, you will only get to select from a list of OUs that has been populated with objects in it. If the OU is empty and does not contain any objects, you will not be able to see that OU from Configuration Manager. The User OU Name property is discovered only through the Active Directory User Discovery method. So, go ahead and add either users, groups or computer into that OU first and then you’ll see that OU when creating a collection in Configuration Manager.







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