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How to get USMT to migrate Downloads folder

Here’s a discovery. You would realise that USMT does not migrate the My Downloads folder by default and it seem that there isn’t a variable like the other “My Desktop” folders that I can specify so that it works for all profiles that are in the computer. Well, here’s how. You would need to modify the MigUser.xml file to include the below. Double check your .xml file after you edit it. It may contain an invalid character. Good luck!


<!– This component migrates My Downloads files  –>
    <component type=”Documents” context=”User”>
        <displayName _locID=”miguser.mydownloads”>My Downloads</displayName>
            <path type=”File”>%FOLDERID_DOWNLOADS%</path>
        <role role=”Data”>
                <include filter=’MigXmlHelper.IgnoreIrrelevantLinks()’>
                        <pattern type=”File”>%FOLDERID_DOWNLOADS%\* [*]</pattern>
                <merge script=”MigXmlHelper.DestinationPriority()”>
                        <pattern type=”File”>%FOLDERID_DOWNLOADS% [desktop.ini]</pattern>






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