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What’s new in Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2 since Beta 1

So, just a couple of things that we expect to see since the release of Beta 1 which was not in any way complete. Now I’m actually seeing it come together pretty nicely. Here’s what I extracted from the Team Blog.

  • Application model – uninstall, supersedence, enhanced detection methods
  • Compliance settings – create settings from browse experience (woohoo!), user targeting of configuration baselines, in-console monitoring, conflict reporting
  • Software updates – in-console monitoring completed, superseded software update support, automatic deployment of software updates on a schedule (another woohoo!)
  • Power management – exclude virtual machines, allow end-user to “opt out”
  • Exchange Server connector for mobile devices
  • Collections – new include/exclude rules (nice!), organizational folders, incremental evaluation
  • Console – the ribbon is here!
  • Role-based administration – collections as a means to limit an administrative user
  • Boundary groups
  • More migrated objects (App-V packages, boundaries, metering, Asset Intelligence, inventory MOF files)
  • New UI for MOF editing (yeehaw!)
  • Hierarchy – replication monitoring

Don’t I seem like I’m jumping for joy at almost every feature? Read more about the official announcement in their blog post below.






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