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Task Sequence failed with the error code (0x8007001B)

So, you run a task sequence that has a task for USMT backup and it fails at the Capture User Files and Settings task with the above error code.


Further investigation led to the the scanstate.log file and found that it had a problem deleting the UserState folder in the C:\ root. Just ensure you have privileges to delete that folder and go ahead to get rid of it. This was present from the last user data migration. After the folder was removed it worked like a charm again.

2011-03-18 13:27:02, Info                  [0x000000] USMT Started at 2011/03/18:13:27:02.778
2011-03-18 13:27:02, Info                  [0x000000] Command line: \\<server FQDN>\SMSPKGK$\MY0000DB\x86\scanstate.exe C:\UserState /o /localonly /c /efs:copyraw /v:5 /l:C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\Logs\SMSTSLog\scanstate.log /progress:C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\Logs\SMSTSLog\scanstateprogress.log /i:\\<server FQDN>\SMSPKGK$\MY0000DB\x86\MigUser.xml /nocompress /hardlink
2011-03-18 13:27:02, Status                [0x000000] Activity: ‘MIGACTIVITY_COMMAND_LINE_PROCESSING’
2011-03-18 13:27:04, Error                 [0x000000] Failed to delete ‘C:\UserState\USMT’. Windows error 6.[gle=0x00000006]
2011-03-18 13:27:04, Info                  [0x000000] Failed.[gle=0x00000006]
2011-03-18 13:27:04, Info                  [0x000000]   An error occurred processing the command line.
  Invalid store path; check the store parameter and/or file system permissions[gle=0x00000006]
2011-03-18 13:27:04, Info                  [0x000000] USMT Completed at 2011/03/18:13:27:04.228[gle=0x00000006]
2011-03-18 13:27:04, Info                  [0x000000] Entering MigShutdown method
2011-03-18 13:27:04, Info                  [0x000000] Leaving MigShutdown method



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  1. Toitoine

    In my case I had to delete this folder by booting on WinPE, and it worked. because hading security rules on this folder didn’t work. So you solve a part of my problem 😉 thx

    May 29, 2013 at 3:37 pm

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