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Updating all FEP Collections and Sub-Collection Simultaneously

Here’s something you may not already know. Ever started using FEP 2010 which its console integrated to Configuration Manager console and you wanted to update the membership of the FEP collections. Yes, I’m quite sure you’ve tried doing it at the parent collection and then selected to update sub-collections as well. How did that work out for you? 🙂

It doesn’t work that way. And then you thought, “Oh crap, I have to update each collection one at a time?”. Well, the answer is obviously, “No, you don’t”. Right-click on the Forefront Endpoint Protection node on the left pane and then select Run Operational Statistics Update.



Just click OK. This will take some time to complete though as mentioned by the message. You would still need to do a refresh on the collections though after that.






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