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SCCM Agents getting installed on wrong/different computers

You’ll probably face this when you’re doing a client push installation. You right-click on a computer resource in a collection and then select Install client, then follow the wizard to push the agent out. You wait and wait and realise other computers are getting the agent installed and showing up in the console but yet the ones that you actually selected is still showing “No” in the Client column.

Further investigation led to the DNS records not being up-to-date. You check and double-check that the scavenging option is already turned on but you still see multiple computers sharing the same IP address in the DNS console. One thing you may have missed out is to enable the automatic scavenging of stale records. Though this is not exactly a SCCM problem but I felt it is still worth sharing since it may give a whole lot of you guys out there hell of a headache. Hope this helped!






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