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Offline OS Image Servicing – SCCM vNext/2012

One of the things I shared before is new only in ConfigMgr vNext/2012 is the ability to service/update OS images that are in SCCM. Yes, even when they are not deployed. This is the ability to keep your images that was created months ago up to date with Windows Update even before they get deployed out to client computers.

Doing this is super easy (though this may take up a little more of you disk time). If you click on the OS image that you want to update, simply click on the Schedule Updates task to start the wizard.



Here you get to choose what updates you want to go into the image. What I like is the ability to know the operating system version and only filter those that are applicable to it. Even x64 and x86 updates are automatically filtered.



Next it’s gonna ask you when you want to install it. Run it as soon as possible, or run at a more convenient time for you.



Next it’ll just give you an all familiar Summary screen. You’ll know what to do here.



The progress screen.



And a confirmation screen that tells you it is done.



Now, this may take awhile depending on the speed of your disks (disks I/O intensive) and the size of your image. But after it is done you will see that the patch that was selected applied on the image. That’s it. Even a 5 year old can do this.



Just one thing to note is that this will create a backup of the previous image and a new .wim file will be created. Notice the increase in the size of the .wim.






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