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Installing Configuration Manager R3

You’ve heard about what’s new in Configuration Manager 2007 R3. So now you want it. Here’s how you can go ahead with getting it into your environment, after you’ve downloaded it first of course.

There are a few points that I feel is worth highlighting.

  • Always remember that you should ensure you have a successful ConfigMgr Site Backup.
  • Configuration Manager R3 can be installed on a ConfigMgr SP2 environment and/or on a ConfigMgr R2 environment only, so if you’re not on either of this platforms, you ought to be on it.
  • If you’ve downloaded the Configuration Manager R3 Beta, you’ll realise it can only be installed on an evaluation copy of ConfigMgr 2007. If you’re using the Release Candidate (RC) installer however, this problem is resolved.
  • The SMS_Def.MOF file will be appended with some R3 specific classes. The Configuration.MOF file however, will remain unchanged. But it is still a good idea to backup those two files before a R3 upgrade.

The order of upgrade that you should be performing are always to start from the top of the hierarchy. That means following the order below. You do not need to install the R3 bits on Secondary Sites if you do not use it as a Proxy MP or the AD Discovery feature But since most (I hope) uses it on a Secondary Site server, then you do need to install R3 on those too.

  1. Central Site
  2. Primary Sites and Child Primary Sites
  3. Secondary Sites

Now, let’s get to it! Configuration Manager R3 comes with a hotfix that is a pre-requisite before you can install R3. That hotfix is KB977384 and must be install in the same sequence as you would install R3 (refer above). Though you may not need to install R3 for the reasons mentioned above, you should still always install the hotfix on all the Secondary Site servers.

Installing the hotfix is no biggie as you can see from the steps below.


The R3 download comes with two files in there. The .MSP is the hotfix that you need to execute



Click Next



Accept the EULA and then click Next



Click Install



Watch the progress



Watch out for a window that will appear behind the previous window. Move the top window and it will reveal this other windows. Select Yes to create a package and program now



Click Next



Click Next



Click Next again. Some of the text here is worth reading sometimes 🙂

And….you’re done! installing the hotfix.


Next is to install the R3. No biggie here either. Double-click on the .exe file and that will extract the contents to your C: drive. Run the splash.hta file.



Click Configuration Manager 2007 R3



Click Next



Accept the EULA and then click Next



Click Next



Click Next








One response

  1. Hi Teh,

    Very nice work you’ve done there!
    I would like however to make an observation about the manual .mof files backup, this step is redundant because the native Configuration Backup takes a copy of all the Inboxes directories and files recursively.
    So you don’t have to make extra copies if you’ve run the Backup Task of Configuration Manager.


    March 30, 2011 at 7:23 am

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