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Desktop or Laptop?

How could you tell a desktop computer from a laptop computer on your Configuration Manager? The answer lies in the WMI class called Win32_SystemEnclosure. Among the properties available that you can use is the ChasisType property. Each number signifies a different computer form factor, from a full tower to a low-profile desktop. The table below describes each:-

Value Meaning
1 Other
2 Unknown
3 Desktop
4 Low Profile Desktop
5 Pizza Box
6 Mini Tower
7 Tower
8 Portable
9 Laptop
10 Notebook
11 Hand Held
12 Docking Station
13 All in One
14 Sub Notebook
15 Space-Saving
16 Lunch Box
17 Main System Chassis
18 Expansion Chassis
19 Sub Chassis
20 Bus Expansion Chassis
21 Peripheral Chassis
22 Storage Chassis
23 Rack Mount Chassis
24 Sealed-Case PC


You need to note that it very much depends on the manufacturer and how they categorise their chassis form factor. Also this is something that the Configuration Manager agent already picks up by default therefore there is no need to extend the .MOF file for this to happen.




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