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Configuration Manager 2007 R3 is Now Out!…in Beta

Well well well…So, it’s almost here. We’ve been waiting for this to be out and we can finally see a glimpse of it now. Microsoft just released the Beta version of the R3 bits (which I believe is the first product that ever came to R3) so we should see a the final version coming out shortly. Again, just to reiterate what was already announce by Microsoft, the R3 adds on several cool features that many of the people I talk to is so eagerly waiting for it. Taken from the System Center Team Blog, here are the features introduced or improved in R3.

The following features are new and apply only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3:

Power Management. Provides a set of tools to allow the site administrator to configure standard Windows power settings across computers

Operating System Deployment Enhancements.  Prestaged Media is a way to integrate with OEM factory imaging in order to leverage imaging at the OEM to speed up new hardware deployments

Dynamic Collection Evaluation. Allows you to more rapidly evaluate a collection membership by adding only newly discovered resources.

Delta Discovery. Performs an intermediate discovery cycle adding only new resources to the Configuration Manager 2007 database.

Collections. Allows you to search for and add resources to the specified collection.

Desired Configuration Management. Allows you to easily create collection of compliant or noncompliant computers in desired configuration management.

Supported Clients Per Hierarchy: Configuration Manager 2007 R3 supports up to 300,000 clients per hierarchy when using the default settings for all Configuration Manager 2007 features. This increase in supported clients is the result of improvements to the Active Directory synchronization and Collection Evaluation processes.

You can download it here at the connect website: https://connect.microsoft.com/site16/Downloads




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