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Announcement: SCCM 2007 Has Now Gone R3!

Hold on…did I hear it correctly? That’s right! Yes, you did my friend! This is perhaps one of the first time, if not the very few times Microsoft has released a second minor release of any product. Good news though. Customers now get to enjoy some of the functionality that was scheduled only for the next version of ConfigMgr before the next version of ConfigMgr is out.

In these economy climate today, saving every penny (or where I come from – cents) is crucial. So this release of SCCM 2007 R3 focuses on Power/Energy Management. Here are some excerpts from the System Center Team Blog.

There are a few areas of focus for ConfigMgr R3, with the main engineering effort concentrating on Power Management.  Here are the goals for this feature:

Power Management
The goal of this capability is to enable Configuration Manager to further reduce the operational costs of IT by providing basic power management features native to the product.  Our approach is based on 3 primary areas:

  1. Help the organization plan a power strategy by monitoring current power state and consumptions and reporting on machine utilization trends, current power settings and current energy consumption
  2. Enable the Administrator to easily create, deploy and enforce specific power settings using the existing ConfigMgr infrastructure
    • Ability to set peak and non-peak schedules
    • Ability to remediate settings if changed
    • Ability to opt out machines from power policy

    3.   Provide the business meaningful report formats that are relevant to Power Management

Here’s a link to the official announcement! Click here.




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