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Enabling Sleep on a Hyper-V laptop

As many of you may already know, power management is so-called disabled preventing you from putting your computer to sleep or hibernate mode. Well, there still isn’t a way to hack the system into doing this but I found a half-baked solution. Thanks Mark Harrison!

The trick is not to have Hyper-V started when the computer comes up but rather having it manually started just before you need to run your VMs. However, after enabling it you cannot turn it off…well at least not until the next reboot. The way to do this is to hack the following registry:-


…then when you’re ready to get started on your VMs just simply run this simple batch file. Remember to run it as Administrator! It’s as simple as running “net start hvboot” on your command prompt.





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    April 19, 2010 at 1:09 pm

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