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ConfigMgr Log Files – A good thing, a difficult thing

What I really like about ConfigMgr when I run into trouble is its log files. There’s just a mountainous amount of information which you can gather from it. Unfortunately it is also something I don’t really like. Why? Well, basically for the exact same reason. There’s just a mountainous amount of information which I can gather from it….. Woh! Think I just got a Deja Vu. Didn’t I just see a black cat pass a minute ago? 😛 Looks like matrix all over again. If you’re like me, looking through a bunch of disquieting text is not my cup of tea. Basically that’s why I can never be a programmer. All this syntax can be quite a daunting affair. That proves to me I can never be an operator working in Nebuchadnezzar. Reading the flowing lines of encrypted code.

Alright, cut the crap (this has never happened to me though…at least on a Tuesday morning). Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that logging in ConfigMgr is one of the most complete I’ve seen. Which brings us this next problem, finding it. I’ve been asked this question for quite some time now about how I ever know which .log file to look at when looking for a particular problem. Well, the answer is…I DON’T KNOW! Premonition I might say, possibly through time. Pointing someone in the right direction when asked could be a little tough not having yourself drowning in the problem. So, I was just about to come out with a structured way of saying what each log contains until I found this. So kudos to herman arnedo who did a good job which has come out with a complete list. Find it here dudes!

Bite on this! http://www.hermanarnedo.com/?p=8

Edit: I’ve found since that herman’s blog is now dead, here’s another link where you can find the list of log files for SCCM.





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