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System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Licensing

The way SCCM 2007 is license as opposed to how SMS 2003 was license has somewhat a slight difference. A SCCM Site Server (known as a Management Server) requires a Server License and this is licensed the same way as SMS2003, with the option of picking up SQL Server Tech as a bundle. What was made different was how the managed clients were licensed. Instead of Configuration Management License (CML) in SMS 2003, SCCM’s so-called CALs are known as Management License ("ML") which is licensed per OSE (OS Environment).

Now, this Management License is further broken down to 3 different licenses for each OSE. To make it easier to look at it here’s a table to map it out.


Role License
Management Server
  • Configuration Manager Server 2007 or
  • Configuration Manager Server 2007 with SQL Server Technology
Management License for Managed Servers
  • Configuration Manager 2007 Enterprise Server ML
  • Configuration Manager 2007 Standard Server ML

Management Licenses for Managed Clients

  • Configuration Manager 2007 Client ML

For managing servers, there are two editions of Server MLs. The difference is what workloads you are using the Desired Configuration Management to manage. Standard MLs are limited to only Operating Systems but the Enterprise MLs allow for full Application and Operating System. Follow the link below for more detailed description.


However one thing you should note, if you were familiar with SMS 2003 licensing, each Secondary Site Server is licensed by a CML. In SCCM, a Secondary Site Server is included as an additional software you may run or use in any number of instances. So that means, any number of Secondary Site Servers…for FREE!




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