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Leveraging Improvements and New Capabilities of SCCM 2007 for App and OS Deployment (Part 2)

This is the second part of my TechEd SEA 2007 session in KL Convention Center. In this entry, I am focusing on the improvements of made from SMS2003.

What’s Improved?

Binary Delta Replication –

These days you will find that packages size of packages are growing in size. If it was a Vista OS image it will typical go to around 5GB. Transferring these packages across the WAN when there are changes is probably not very efficient. So, Binary Delta Replication hashes out the changes and replicates only the changes out to the DPs. There is really no need to reinvent the wheel. What was actually done was the product team leveraged on what was already there in Windows Server 2003 R2 technology called Remote Differential Compression (RDC), which allows the content of two files to be synchronized by communicating only the difference between them. Some of you might already be asking, "Well, so I would need to install it on Windows Server 2003 R2 to take advantage of this capability, correct?"…Well, …No! What was done was, the team compiled the APIs for RDC to work and build it with ConfigMgr so you don’t need to install the R2 component for it to work.

Other improvements made on packages was a cache persistence which retains packages in a client cache. So if there’s a need for a repair, the package does not need to be streamed down from the DP again.

As for improvements made to Advertisements, when using maintenance windows, it allows flags to be set to allow reboot outside of window and ignore maintenance windows (as I’ve mentioned in Part 1 of this entry). Apart from that, program re-runs!!! Now it allows options for Never, Always, and If Previous Success/Fail.

Improvements made to collections! Now policy polling intervals can be set as a collection based setting and not only as a global setting. This means that each collection can have a different polling interval which is important for some collection of computers that might be connecting via a limited bandwidth. Different restart notification intervals. And maintenance windows which I talked about before. Now, what happens if there was a conflicting interval, well then, the "shortest" duration in this case wins if it is conflicting.

Client Side Interaction. Additional branding support for IT Organization and Feature Specific Text. The Run Advertised Program has been improved and this is consistent for new available items; Software Updates, Software Distribution and OS Deployment.




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